Interview Guide Builder

Create job-specific, professional interview guides for everyone interviewing candidates

  • Links to our Job Description Builder to trigger relevant questions for interviewers.
  • A huge knowledge base of real-world, direct, relevant interview questions.
  • For each question, auto-mapped, easy-to-use scoring guidelines for interviewers.
  • One-button method for building multiple guides for teams of interviewers, with no duplication of questions.
  • A dashboard to drive debrief discussions and select the most qualified candidate.
  • Allows each interviewer to select their preferred method of use - paper, desktop or tablet.
  • Configure the entire database of content to your company's competency model, if desired.
  • Improves the quality of selection decisions.
  • Guides managers to ask job-relevant questions.
  • Helps interviewers evaluate the quality of candidate answers.
  • Makes scoring and notetaking quick and easy.
  • Interviewers can choose either an online or a paper interview guide.
  • Simplifies the interviewing and debrief process for recruiters.
  • Reduces risk in the selection process.
  • Improves the candidate experience.

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