Self-directed, on-demand learning and development for your employees

  • Tools and information to let employees drive their own learning and development
  • Self-survey for employees to assess their own strengths and needs
  • Huge knowledge base of bite-sized, multi-media, interactive and free development suggestions - mapped to your competency model
  • Ability to collaborate with anyone, anytime
  • Click-to-build development plans with measurable goals
  • Dashboard for managers and HR leaders to monitor employee activities, progress, learnings
  • Entire knowledge base can be configured to our company's competency model and learning resources, if desired.
  • Increases just-in-time learning, engagement and development planning results.
  • Speeds and improves the creation and management of Individual Development Plans.
  • Allows employees to complete a self-assessment to identify their own strengths and needs.
  • Puts practical, measurable, media-rich and free learning tools in the hands of employees.
  • Provides managers with tools to help them improve their coaching skills.
  • Builds peer coaching networks quickly and easily throughout your organization.
  • Provides critical talent insights like peer coaches, most popular learning resources, most development-focused leaders.
  • Ready-now versions available for Individual Contributors, Leaders, HR Professionals and TA Professionals - or customize the content to your own competency model.

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